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A Hearbeat Away - Are You Ready?

The probability of death is 100% and people need to be ready for that inevitability. The how and when is not a choice for most people and the consequences of the actions they take before that happens are already determined, yet the subject of death (particularly one’s own mortality) is avoided by almost everyone. A Heartbeat Away reveals the importance of being ready and provides the facts of actions’ consequences through true, personal stories, professional experiences and additional resources, even from centuries ago. Addressing three specific areas, Spiritual, Relationships, and Finances, Arsen Marsoobian (or “Papa SOOB”) offers suggestions and a blueprint for readers to ask themselves important, life-changing questions. A Heartbeat Away moves readers to stop and reflect on their lives and the people they love in order to prevent regrets when the day comes that they don’t make it back to their comfy bed and leave this world behind.

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