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Imagine it is 1890 - Vincent Van Gogh has either ended his own life or it has been ended for him by someone else *(I think there are still some questions about this) and all of his paintings have been sent to his brother - who unfortunately dies soon after -
what would you give to have a chance at purchasing his paintings at that point in time at the low prices that might have been charged at that time?

After a life of only 37 years he had a large body of work all of which are valued a great deal more than they would ever be paid for originally and yet the artists of today except for a few with some marketing genius behind them - are all selling or not selling for a pittance compared to what they might be selling for later on down the line a few years from now -
does it make sense not to invest in such work today?

Thank you!
— Walter Paul Bebirian

Look and Buy - a Message to the World About the Volord Kingdom Art Collection

The Volord Kingdom Art Collection is a Compilation of Photographs - Abstracts - Collages and expressions of thoughts - memories and ideas that have influenced me - Walter Paul Bebirian - during my lifetime.

Walter Paul Bebirian
Self Portrait

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Volord Kingdom Art Collection

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Walter Paul Bebirian is a Commercial Photographer creating Digital Images in Forest Hills, NY.

Contact Walter Paul Bebirian of Forest Hills, NY, for all your commercial photography, marketing, head shots, portrait photography, fine art, and digital images.

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